Why not "Adopt an Orphan"
A New Initiative ...
ServeTrust is pleased to announce a new initiative, Adopt an Orphan.

The Children's Care Center (HIV/AIDS orphanage) founded in 2007, continues to grow and is up to 20 children ranging from one to 13 years of age. All of these children are HIV positive and most have already lost their parents to HIV/AIDS.

Under Leena's care, they are receiving food, clothes, schooling, and health care all in a safe loving setting with other children. With new Antiretroviral (ARV) drugs available through the Indian Government, these children are increasingly healthy and for the first time have hope for a future beyond illness and death.

A smile so bright
What you can do?
You can adopt one of these 19 children and give them hope, dignity, and joy by sponsoring the cost of their care on a monthly basis. One orphan can be sponsored for $60 per month, which covers their basic living needs. You will receive a picture, profile of the child you sponsor and updates on the child's progress. Please consider participating in the program by contacting us by email.

Some Orphan Profiles
It's almost impossible to not want to get to know these children ...

J. Prasanna
This is J. Prasanna and she is 9 years old. She lost her father 4 years ago and her mother 5 years ago to HIV/AIDS. She has one older brother who is healthy.

Leena found her in the Red Light district of Chilakaluripet.

Prasanna was very sick when she came to the Childrens Care Center at the ServeTrust Compound. She weighed just 35 pounds. The Doctor advised Leena not to take her into the orphanage because doing so would be very risky for one in such a condition. Leena however could not turn her away and pledged to love and take care of her. She faced many health problems in the following months and the doctors were not sure they could save her life.

Through the committed service and love of the Staff of Serve Trust, and the grace of God, she is now leading a healthy and happy life. Prasanna now weights almost 82 pounds and is enjoying her childhood with the other children at the Childrens Care Center.

D. Hemanth
This is D. Hemanth and he is 9 years old. He lost his mother 7 years ago to HIV/AIDS and his father is HIV positive. He has one older brother who is healthy.

Hemanth was leading a miserable life without a motherĂ­s love and suffered neglect from his father and relatives. While Leena was visiting his village, Challagundla, his condition was brought to her attention. She immediately came forward and agreed to take care him at the Childrens Care Center.

He is currently undergoing the anti-retroviral treatment and scheduled medical care. This has drastically improved his health and well being since coming to the ServeTrust Compound. We are delighted he is leading a very happy life now with the love, concern and care shown by our Serve Trust staff.

Leena Lavanya
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