ServeTrust Overview
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ServeTrust Compound
At the ServeTrust Compound, those who have been kicked out of their homes due to leprosy, old age, and HIV/AIDS are provided a place to live, food, clothing and medicines. This includes 23 orphans with HIV/AIDS. The advantage here is that the residents of the compound are permitted to live with dignity, comfort, and enjoy the friendship of others through what is often the closing chapter in their lives. This is what separates ServeTrust from other similar organizations.
Beyond the Compound
Our other ministries seek to empower the individual to stop the cycle of poverty and abuse by providing them with opportunities that society does not. For example, ServeTrust seeks to educate children who live in amazingly poor situations, to provide computer skills to young adults, and to provide women enslaved by the commercial sex trade with not only new skills, but also opportunities to put those skills to use for income.
Entrance to the ServeTrust Compound
Leena Lavanya is assisted by her family and a staff of over 45 supervisors, teachers, medical personal, caretakers, etc. This in of itself is a ministry supporting the lives of those people and their families. ServeTrust is increasingly partnering with government and other organizations, believing that the Indian government is maturing to be better able to reach more of its neediest people.

International Support
ServeTrust is supported by a network of organizations, churches and other dedicated supporters throughout the world. This network is managed by the ServeTrust International Advisory Board (IAB), a group of 12 individuals that provide strategic, fundraising and spiritual support.

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Leena Lavanya
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