How to Contact Us
Who to contact?
Contact India with encouragement, and the Support Team for everything else ...

Contacting India ...
If you wish to send words of encouragement directly to Leena and the ServeTrust team in India, you may do so via email.

Contacting the Support Team ...
Alternatively, if you have questions about the projects, needs, donations, upcoming mission trips, the mailing list, Adopt-an-Orphan, etc. we would be delighted to answer your questions, and encourage you to contact us via email.
The ServeTrust Team ...
What is, and Who are the Support Team ...

Mission is to support ServeTrust by ...
Comprised of 11 individuals ...
Coordinating financial support Natalie Perdue (Springfield, Virginia)
Promoting awareness of projects and activities Tony Cupit (Melbourne, Australia)
Facilitating donor communication Joanne Hendricks (Fairfax, VA)
Assisting Leena with Strategy & Planning Chris LeGrand (Durham, NC)
Providing financial, administrative & spiritual guidance Susan LeGrand (Durham, NC); Chair-Person
  Dale Yates-Berg (New York, NY)
  David Rochester (Leesburg, VA)
  Mary Margaret Wallace
  Fausto Vasconcelos (Falls Church, VA)
  Bob Whitten (McLean and Springfield, VA)

Leena Lavanya
"Walking the Walk"
... we do because someone must