Leena's 2014 visit to the United States
Leena touches lives, not only in India but globally. Hearing Leena's story first hand compels hearts to want to help her in her work in India. The ServeTrust Team in cooperation with many of Leena's supporting partners in the U.S. have mapped out a whirlwind eight state travel schedule for her over three weeks this Fall. Public appearances are as follows:

Sept 21: Leesburg Community Church - Leesburg, VA

Sept 24: McLean Baptist Church - McLean VA

Sept 28: Westwood Baptist Church - Springfield VA

Sept 29: First Presbyterian Church - Providence RI

Sept 30: William Jewell College - Liberty MO

Oct 1: Hope Valley Baptist Church - Durham NC

Oct 3: Yates Baptist Church - Durham NC

Oct 5: Midland Baptist Church - Odessa TX

Oct 8: First Baptist Church - Boerne TX

Oct 12: Bayshore Baptist Church - Tampa FL

If you are in any of these areas, take an opportunity to hear Leena speak. Whether it is your first or one hundredth time to hear her, your life will be enriched. If you would like more information on Leena and her visit, or would like to donate frequent flyer miles for her international or domestic travel, please contact Susan LeGrand at slegrand@nc.rr.com


Leena Lavanya
"Walking the Walk"
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