Sponsor a Child


You are invited to sponsor one or more of the children living at the Children’s Care Center (HIV/AIDS orphanage) at the ServeTrust Center, and thereby become more personally connected to Leena’s ministry with the abandoned and destitute children whom she is called by her faith to serve.

One of the horrific consequences of HIV/AIDS is that many children, themselves HIV positive, have become orphans. Some are able to live with relatives, but too many times, they are mistreated and abandoned. When Leena discovered such a child chained to a tree, she was inspired to begin a rescue mission for abandoned children with HIV/AIDS. Leena saw a need and opened her arms in faith and love to meet the need. The Children’s Care Center was opened in December 2006 and typically houses around 20 children.

Many of the children living at the Center have been there for most of their lives. It provides a safe home with provisions for nutrition, clothing, education and health care all of which are wrapped in the care of a loving community. Initially their life expectancy was three years, but with the care they receive and improving treatment options with new antiretroviral (ARV) drugs available through the Indian Government, they are increasingly healthy and for the first time have hope for a future beyond illness and death.

What you can do

We invite you to become more personally involved in Leena’s ministry and “adopt” (sponsor) one or more of these precious children.

As a sponsor of a child you will provide hope, dignity, and joy by covering the cost for their care. Sponsorship is simple: you underwrite a child’s expenses for only $60.00 a month and make a covenant to pray for them. You will receive a picture and profile of the child you sponsor.

Please consider entering our “Circle of Care” for these children, two of whom are highlighted below. If you are interested, please write to the program coordinator, Robert Whitten, by clicking here:  whittenrob@verizon.net

It is almost impossible not to want to get to know these children.



Masthani entered the Children’s Care Center in 2010 when she was 9 years old.  She has grown up there.  Both of her parents died of HIV/AIDS.  When she arrived she was not only HIV/AIDS positive but also suffered from tuberculosis.


With medical care and a thoughtful diet, she not only regained energy but took interest in life about her, and began to take her studies seriously. Now at age 17 she has grown into a lovely young woman who always enjoys singing. Now at age 17 she has grown into a lovely young woman.  She still worries about her health but has obviously thrived within the loving, protective environment of the care Leena and Teena provide.


Philip came to the shelter of the Children Care Center in 2017. Just by looking at his photograph you can see that he is a winsome boy. He is 11 years old and even now has an ambition to become a doctor. Perhaps that is because he faced abandonment and certain death when he arrived at the CCC.


Philip says that the best thing to happen to him in 2017 was coming to the Center. Under the care of Teena and the staff, he has gained strength.. He is sociable and declares that he enjoys staying with the other kids at the Center. Of course he still worries about his health.


Philip is available for someone to sponsor him through our Sponsor a Child program.