ServeTrust strongly believes education is the key component to changing the tides of poverty for future generations of children. Through education, they will be better positioned to end the suffering that comes from a life of poverty for themselves and their families. In and around Narasaraopet, a very poor, remote provincial city in Andhra Pradesh, Leena, a former teacher herself, and her dedicated team, educate impoverished children and young adults, providing hope and skills for a better life.



ServeTrust provides elementary education from pre-school through grade 5 at three different elementary schools. Each school provides basic education in the areas of English, math and science, with some schools providing extracurricular studies. To encourage families to send their children to school, ServeTrust provides basic needs to each child and their families including a monthly supply of rice and lentils, toiletries, 1 simple outfit a year and medications as needed. If funds allow, each child receives a special Christmas and Easter outfit, sandals, mosquito nets and blankets.

School of Joy

The School of Joy is one of ServeTrust’s longest running ministries, started in the mid 1990’s to provide a hopeful future for children of poor families unable to attend government schools.   Today, the school is the jewel of a slum village in Narasaraopet.  Approximately 107 children now attend the school, who otherwise would be working in the […]

Rock Crushers’ School

In 2006, Leena and her father visited a nearby rock quarry to purchase stone for the construction of a home at the ServeTrust Center. She encountered a colony of extremely poor people working in the quarry and living in a very difficult situation, only yards from the quarry. The work is dangerous and the air […]

Markapur School

In 2013, Leena was visiting someone at the hospital in Markapur, three hours away from Narasaraopet. She saw a group of people, mostly children, picking through piles of debris looking for items that could be salvaged and sold. Noticing their malnourishment, she decided to visit their village on the outskirts of Markapur to provide them […]

Computer School

The Computer School, located in Narasaraopet, was one of Leena’s first ventures into education. It has been operating for about 20 years, providing free computer training to young people to help them develop job skills. Initially, only male students were enrolled. But Leena has a desire to equip and empower young people and to help […]

After School Program In Vijayawada

On a summer day in 2012, Leena and her sister Teena took the children from the Children’s Care Center on a special excursion to picnic and play in a park in Vijayawada, two hours away. Outside the gates of the park she noticed many unsupervised children playing and scavenging for food in a garbage heap […]