Rock Crushers’ School

In 2006, Leena and her father visited a nearby rock quarry to purchase stone for the construction of a home at the ServeTrust Center. She encountered a colony of extremely poor people working in the quarry and living in a very difficult situation, only yards from the quarry. The work is dangerous and the air is filled with dust and daily blasting. She saw children working alongside their parents in the hot sun, pounding rocks by hand to earn a meager amount to contribute to their families’ income. Since there was no transportation to the closest government school 2 miles away, the children worked instead.


Leena met with the families of this colony for two years before the parents agreed that if Leena started a school, they would send their children. So The Rock Crushers’ School began under a tree in the community in 2008.




Today the school is housed in a modern, comfortable one-room school building. Approximately 50 children attend, receiving a basic education plus extra studies in physical education and music.


Contributions received are used to support the costs of running the school:

  • Paying the salaries of 2 full-time teachers, a tutor, a cleaner and a night watchman.
  • Providing basic necessities and school supplies
  • Covering building costs