Village Ministries

It's tough in the city, and tougher out of it ...

Not all those Leena works with have the opportunity to live in the relative safety and advantage of the towns of Andhra Pradesh. Many impoverished men, women and children live in extremely remote, isolated parts of the state without access to the most basic of facilities and social infrastructure. The most consistent and comprehensive village ministry Leena undertakes is in the numerous villages surrounding Leena’s city, Narasaraopet. As Leena journeys daily throughout the Indian countryside, she inevitably encounters destitute people and entire villages with such great needs. She makes friends within the village and then continues to visit regularly. She is very well known as a person who cares for a total community through her fragrant, sacrificial work. In village after village, Leena is tirelessly greeting, counselling, offering needed resources, and showing exceptional concern and genuine love to everyone she meets. There are currently over 85 villages that make up this ministry from villages right outside Narasaraopet to villages up to 12 hours drive away.   Several particularly needy villages are highlighted below.

Tribal Villages

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Many years ago, Leena’s sister and brother-in-law were living in an isolated mountainous region called Mothegudem where her brother-in-law worked as a government agricultural officer. When Leena traveled nine hours to visit them, she encountered a tribe living deep in the forest.  These people are the poorest of the poor; they are much more primitive […]

Temple Village

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One village that is very near and dear to Leena’s heart is one she calls the Temple Village located about 30 minutes from home. Many years ago, Leena discovered a group of children begging at a nearby temple. She followed these children home and discovered a destitute village of families living in grass huts among […]

Village HIV Support

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One day, while traveling through the town of Addanki (1 hour drive from NRT), Leena struck up a conversation with a fruit seller.  She learned he and his entire family suffered from HIV.   Through that encounter, she learned that children from many neighboring villages come into town to visit the local hospital to receive free […]