Services of Compassion

When a baseball player is described as having ‘soft hands’, it means that he can catch any ball hit his way. In a similar fashion Leena has ‘soft eyes.” When she sees a person in need, she catches that person in the network of her love infused by the love of her faith. Her ‘soft eyes’ have led her into all ServeTrust’s multifaceted ministries in providing compassion to society’s downtrodden and poorest whom she sees all around her.
Over the years of ServeTrust’s life, Leena has had a special heart for those whose physical ailments have taken away any hope of being accepted by society and living with any sense of dignity. When they have been rejected by their families, she has provided friendship, counsel, physical needs, and ultimately means for hope, respect and in some needed cases, a comfortable place to live. This section focuses on those ministries that have evolved from this caring, loving compassion.


The ServeTrust Center provides a community where the elderly and ill adults and children live together like family with respect, friendship, mercy and grace. The Center provides for all their physical needs including shelter, food, clothing, vitamins, round-the-clock medical care, and a community where they are known by name. The Center is comprised of five ministries accommodated by seven buildings, gardens, and land about six miles from Leena’s home city of Narasaraopet in the village of Guravayapalem.


Donations for the ServeTrust Center are used to provide for the following costs:

  •  The salaries of a part-time doctor, 3 part-time nurses, a watchman, a gardener and a cleaner.
  •  Food, medicines, and clothing for between 70-80 residents.
  •  Costs of 7 buildings (5 homes, a gathering space, and a medical clinic) including utilities, taxes, and maintenance.