Ministries of Compassion

When a baseball player is described as having ‘soft hands’, it means that he can catch any ball hit his way. In a similar fashion Leena has ‘soft eyes.” When she sees a person in need, she catches that person in the network of her love infused by the love of her faith. Her ‘soft eyes’ have led her into all ServeTrust’s multifaceted ministries in providing compassion to society’s downtrodden and poorest whom she sees all around her.
Over the years of ServeTrust’s life, Leena has had a special heart for those whose physical ailments have taken away any hope of being accepted by society and living with any sense of dignity. When they have been rejected by their families, she has provided friendship, counsel, physical needs, and ultimately means for hope, respect and in some needed cases, a comfortable place to live. This section focuses on those ministries that have evolved from this caring, loving compassion.


The ServeTrust Center provides a community where the elderly and ill adults and children live together like family with respect, friendship, mercy and grace. The Center provides for all their physical needs including shelter, food, clothing, vitamins, round-the-clock medical care, and a community where they are known by name. The Center is comprised of five ministries accommodated by seven buildings, gardens, and land about six miles from Leena’s home city of Narasaraopet in the village of Guravayapalem.


Donations for the ServeTrust Center are used to provide for the following costs:

  •  The salaries of a part-time doctor, 3 part-time nurses, a watchman, a gardener and a cleaner.
  •  Food, medicines, and clothing for between 70-80 residents.
  •  Costs of 7 buildings (5 homes, a gathering space, and a medical clinic) including utilities, taxes, and maintenance.


Hospice for HIV/AIDS Positive Adults

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This hospice ministry began in 1997 when Leena lifted a beggar woman from the gutter while others walked around her. Her name was Sultana, and she was in rags and very frail. Leena took her to the hospital in Guntur where she was diagnosed with AIDS. While at the hospital, Leena discovered 40 other HIV/AIDS […]

Children’s Care Center

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One of the horrific consequences of HIV/AIDS is that many children, themselves HIV positive, have become orphans. Some can live with relatives, but too many times, they are mistreated and abandoned. When Leena discovered such a child chained to a tree, she was inspired to begin a rescue mission for abandoned children with HIV/AIDS. In December […]

Donna Watts Home for the Aged

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As Leena walked down the street of Narasaraopet one day, a ragged old woman pleaded for food.  She was living on the streets and starving.  Leena responded by inviting her into her home for a meal.  She lovingly took her in and gave her food to eat and clothes to wear.  There are many old […]

Suzanne Home for Lepers

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In 1996, very early in her ministry, Leena met a group of lepers living under a tree in the hot sun on the side of the road. Deemed to be unclean and contagious, they were rejected by their families. With nowhere to live and no access to social services, they were desperate. Their only income […]

Robert Waldrup Home for TB Adults

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In 2009 Leena faced a crisis when government officials learned that there were residents of the HIV/AIDS Hospice who also suffered from tuberculosis. They threatened closure of the hospice if the TB patients were not isolated. Leena responded by laying plans to erect another building dedicated to the care of these people.With a sizable gift […]