Village Ministries

Village HIV Support

One day, while traveling through the town of Addanki (1 hour drive from NRT), Leena struck up a conversation with a fruit seller.  She learned he and his entire family suffered from HIV.   Through that encounter, she learned that children from many neighboring villages come into town to visit the local hospital to receive free antiretroviral (ARV) treatment for HIV.  She visited the hospital and met the doctor. From him she learned that these children are too poor to eat nutritious meals, which negates the benefits of ARVs.  So, the doctor requested ServeTrust’s help.  

ServeTrust began by meeting with the children monthly in Addanki to distribute money to them so that their families can purchase milk and eggs. Today, ServeTrust buses about 40 children from the town to the ServeTrust Center to receive their monthly food allowance of 500 rupees, or about $7.50. ServeTrust also brings about 50 HIV positive children from Chilakaluripet (1/2 hour drive) for the same support, and takes assistance to about 40 other families in various villages. Leena and her staff visit all of these families in their villages to ensure that the money is being used for the child’s health.