Rachael Cruickshank (Durham, NC)

“In February, I traveled with three other members of my church to India to spend a week with Leena.  It was a week that left me completely awed by her passion and desire to share God’s love.  Her entire soul and energy are poured out in service to her people.  I am specifically impressed by how flexible Leena is with her daily schedule.  She gladly and willingly alters her plans to attend to those in need.  As we travelled to the Markapur School one afternoon, Leena learned of a village family whose patriarch (and a Godly man) had died.  So, we made an unplanned detour to visit and pray with the family.  To share in their sorrows during this intimate funeral was humbling.  Had Leena stuck to our original plans, an opportunity to minister to a grieving family would have been missed.  This is just one example of how Leena allows her time to be directed by the Holy Spirit.    Thank you Leena for your loving, Christ-like example, and for welcoming us into your life for that week.”