Tony Cupit (Australia)


During his years as a BWA Director, Tony Cupit met many outstanding, dedicated leaders and people all over the world who serve God’s people with great commitment. He testifies that few, if any, reveal the same deep spirituality, compassion and practical skill as Leena. Tony was among the first to appreciate Leena’s qualities and her potential for significant service to her people. He and his wife Margaret have been strong supporters of Leena’s work for more tham 16 years.

An Early Memory …

I spoke in the open air in the city of Nellore in India and after I spoke on a specially constructed podium, standing at the foot of the stairs waiting for me, was a very pregnant and very sick woman. She implored me to lay my hands on her head and to pray for her. This I did. In the circumstances I thought I had done about as much as was possible. Leena was at the meeting and as iron filings are attracted to a magnet, somehow the woman found Leena. Leena spent the rest of the night with this desperately sick woman (it turned out she was HIV positive) and after being denied access to two hospitals finally found a hospital that would admit the woman if she had a relative to accompany her.

So Leena and the sick woman drove out to a village, found a sister of the sick woman and extracted a promise that on the following morning she would admit her sister to the hospital. Like the Good Samaritan, Leena bound up her wounds, paid for her care at the hospital and showed what love means. I just prayed. Leena spent the whole night serving this desperate woman.

Final Say …

My wife Margaret and I have had the privilege of knowing Leena from when her social work was in its early stages and have seen that work develop quite spectacularly over the years. Our admiration for Leena has grown as her work has grown for she has been a consistent, warm-hearted and generous friend. We have watched in awe as Leena’s life has touched countless people bringing peace, wholeness, dignity and joy in a context where people can so easily sink into despair. We give thanks to God for this remarkable lady.