Viveka Garnepudi Memorial Fund

Many people have asked how to support Leena during this difficult time after the passing of her mother, Viveka. Viveka had particular care and concern for poor children, and specifically those in the Temple Village. Therefore, the Viveka Garnepudi Memorial Fund has been established and will go towards the families of the Temple Village.


The Temple Village was established by Leena many years ago when she came across a group of children begging at a nearby Hindu Temple about 30 miles from her home. She followed the children back to their home and discovered an impoverished village of families living in grass huts. The Hindu Temple overlooks the village, which is why Leena calls it the “Temple Village.” The children of the village were not permitted to attend school because they were too dirty and disheveled, but also because they had to beg to earn money for their families. Through time, care, and months of visits, Leena gained the trust of the families and encouraged many to allow their children to go to school. With financial support from ServeTrust donors, today 52 children receive a monthly distribution of food and toiletries, giving them their rightful opportunity to receive an education. Viveka had a huge heart for these lovable village children.


ServeTrust will use Memorial Funds toward various needs of the families in the village, including:

  • Providing meals for the 1000 people in the village. 
  • Provide plastic tarps to protect rooves of the huts from water.
  • Helping ServeTrust with monthly support of the families of the 52 children who attend the government school.


When writing a check or donating online, please specify “Memorial Fund” in the memo line.