Jagan Kambhampati

Jagan, husband of Meena (Leena’s sister), is a central yet quiet member of the ServeTrust family.  He is one of the first persons a visitor to ServeTrust will meet, and often one of the last as you depart.  Jagan serves as the Director of ServeTrust Administration, ensuring that the day-to-day business and finances of ServeTrust remain strong, but he also serves as the backbone of daily operations, overseeing anything Leena and the team may need. 

Born to Seemonu and Masthanamma Kambhampati, Jagan is the oldest of three brothers.  He lost his father early in 2022 and a brother in 2021.  In addition to his role at ServeTrust, he now looks over his mom and brother’s family, helping the elder people in his village to ensure their needs are met.  Despite these hardships, Jagan always has a positive outlook, sharing, “if we do these things with great interest, we can do hard things more easily.”

Jagan considers himself to be a great negotiator and problem solver, something that comes in handy with the steadfast spirit of Leena and her services. 

When not working or volunteering to help others, Jagan enjoys watching cricket, having played during his college days. He has asked that supporters of ServeTrust pray for his family and especially for his wife Meena as they very much would like to start their own family.