Summer News from ServeTrust

Photo of children at Vinukonda School. Leena sends greetings and grateful thanks to all of the ServeTrust supporters.  It has been a busy spring and summer and she would like to share what has been going on with ServeTrust.

The most recent news is that Leena had a second Covid infection in July.  We are grateful that it was not as bad as her first case in May 2021, and that she has recovered well.  We pray she does not have long term impacts.

Please pray for ServeTrust’s many school children.  Their education has been delayed from Covid, and sometimes stopped when children did not return after schools re-opened.  In addition, the government has recently established increased identification requirements to attend government and private schools.   This is particularly challenging for very destitute children who often do not have birth certificates to obtain IDs.  Leena has been working with local authorities to get IDs for the Temple Village children to attend the school next to their village.

Three young women raised at the Children’s Care Center recently celebrated engagements and marriages – Padma, Durganjali and Poori!  Leena arranged these marriages and planned and held the weddings.  We celebrate these newly married couples.

Heavy rains and flooding from cyclones have destroyed or damaged several families’ huts in the Temple Village and Vinukonda.  ServeTrust has been helping them rebuild or repair their homes.  Please pray for these destitute families.

Leena’s nephew Asheesh and her niece Aashika are invaluable in delivering ServeTrust’s services. Asheesh continues his medical school education and Aashika, in addition to her role as Leena’s assistant in the social services, has now entered an online MBA program. We keep them in our prayers along with Leena’s brother-in-law Jagan, ServeTrust’s Director of Administration, who continues to suffer from long Covid and heart problems.  He is also grieving the loss of his father in March.

Thank you for your continued partnership with Leena and ServeTrust.  Leena is grateful for your prayers and good wishes and is strengthened by them.