Suzanne Home for Lepers

In 1996, very early in her ministry, Leena met a group of lepers living under a tree in the hot sun on the side of the road. Deemed to be unclean and contagious, they were rejected by their families. With nowhere to live and no access to social services, they were desperate. Their only income was from begging. Leena began to minister to them with love and care, regularly visiting to provide friendship, food, clothing, and some medicine. Soon a colony formed of about 40 persons.

It was Leena’s dream to provide permanent shelter for her friends. A gift from a family in a U.S. church enabled Leena to purchase a small building. However, the neighbors, motivated by fear, angrily drove the people away and verbally abused Leena. So, the lepers went back to the place under trees and again experienced being the despised outcasts of their own people. This heartbreaking story motivated a group of people to provide a large gift enabling ServeTrust to build a substantial building at the Center with rooms for couples and singles. Dedicated in 2004, this building was named the Suzanne Home. Sixteen residents moved in. These same sixteen reside there today. For almost 15 years these outcasts have had a secure home and live with love and care and dignity among friends. Their smiles say it all when they show their well-kept rooms to visitors.