Village Ministries

Temple Village

One village that is very near and dear to Leena’s heart is one she calls the Temple Village located about 30 minutes from home. Many years ago, Leena discovered a group of children begging at a nearby temple. She followed these children home and discovered a destitute village of families living in grass huts among trash and sleeping on dirt floors. These children begged to earn money for their families. Despite the fact that there is a government school across the road, the children could not attend because they were dirty and unkempt and did not have the financial resources for school supplies. After months of visiting this village, she gained the families’ trust. Many families agreed to allow their children to attend school instead of begging. 

Today, with monthly financial support provided by donors, approximately 30 children receive a monthly distribution of food and toiletries, The opportunity for the children of this village to gain an education makes this a transformational ministry for these people.