A New Ministry of Sustainability!

One of the many ministries that receives monthly funds provided by donors is a nutrition program in several tribal villages, providing families a monthly supply of rice and lentils to feed 500 children.  This is necessary because these villagers live secluded from typical Indian society and find it difficult to obtain and keep day labor jobs.

Within the past two years, Leena began a new ministry in two of these tribal villages to support these families and create economies rooted in sustainability – a goat ministry!  ServeTrust purchased 78 female goats that were distributed to families (one per family). The cost of one adult female goat is around $220. The families breed their new goat with a male goat in the village.  They then raise the offspring for future sale to butchers, keeping a few female goats for breeding.

The goal is to foster economic independence.   The entire community is involved in its own building—men, women and children together care for the goats and plan for the future. Leena says, “We are teaching them to fish rather than simply giving them fish to eat.” It is Leena’s hope that, as the families work toward financial autonomy, ServeTrust can cease the nutrition programs five years after the initial goat distribution.