Leena Health Updates

As you may know, Leena and her niece Aashika were scheduled to visit the US and Australia this past spring.  However, challenges to her health – chronic pain in her neck, back and legs; sleeplessness; and persistent headaches – forced her to postpone these visits.    In addition, her lack of energy and inability to manage the ministries as she usually does was emotionally and spiritually trying.

Leena was able to spend some time in a Hyderabad hospital in May seeing several doctors and receiving a full medical examination.  She received a treatment plan and medication for high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, and low bone density.  In the near future, she will need two knee replacements but for now is taking cortisone shots.

Please continue to pray for these treatments.  Leena is relieved to know the cause of her pain.  With proper diet, care and therapy, she is feeling better.  The medication is helping her blood pressure, pain and weakness.   Please pray that her energy will be returned and that her health will stabilize.  And pray for her patience.  Leena has a tendency to push herself!