Discovering Narasaraopet
Leena's Home
Narasaraopet is the city where the ServeTrust office is located and where many of the programs were initiated, as this is Leena's home village. Like most of India, it is filled with an abundance of people and color. One is struck by the many sounds of the streets ranging from constant and loud horns honking, the slapping of laundry onto stones, people milling everywhere and even squaking birds. The streets are dusty and teaming with people, scooters, cycles, animals and rickshaws until late in the evening.
Streets of Nasaraopet
Fact Sheet
The population (based on a 2001 India census) was 95,002 and is now estimated to be over 300,000
50% men and 50% women
Average literacy rate is 74%, which is higher than the national average of 59%, with male literacy about 10% higher than females
Telugu is the official language of the area, spoken by 88.5% of the population and is the third most spoken language in India
Located 45km from Guntur City and 250km south east of Hyderabad
The trip to Narasaraopet from Hyderabad (nearest international airport) is a long and bumpy five to six hour drive
Considered one of the education centers in the district
Agriculture has been the chief source of income for the area
Rice, sugarcane, mirchi (chili pepper), mango and tobacco are the local crops
The climate is generally hot and humid reaching over 110F on summer days
July to September is the season for tropical rains
October to February are considered the best times to visit
Further Note
It is also known for its famous educational institutions like S.S.N. College. Many students of Narasaropet have achieved state and national level ranks in various academic examinations. The Municipal High School is the oldest and biggest school in Narasaraopet and is located at the center of the city. The school has more than 50 classrooms, a library and spacious compound.

Leena Lavanya
"Walking the Walk"
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